We play football…

And occationally we also win. Teamwork is the secret of our success. It’s needed in the field and in business.


We surf…

Mostly in web, but also in the sea. And we love it! Both are a bit dangerous, but we know what we are doing.


We watch movies…

To maintain the high quality in our work, sometimes we also need to relax. Movies are our passion.

But we also work hard!

But we also work hard!

If you have any problem with your ICT matters, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Are you looking for an e-business solutions? We produce comprehensive systems or tailored services! …or maybe advertizing services? We create a small advert to the newspaper or build a brand for your company.

Designsoft is a media company, which offers all services for modern digital media. We produce big systems for corporates or simple websites for small organizations. In addition we create print materials for advertizing. When customer want to develop their business, we offer all required elements. Our ambition is to grow customers business and build competitiveness in the whole value chain.


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